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The most essential aspect of an effective website design lies within the website strategy, which should emphasise the importance of the user experience. The aim of a website is to provide opportunities for your business to sell your products and services online, and this is only possible if the website’s users-experience is positive.

A good website must ensure that users can easily navigate through a website to discover content that relates to their original search queries. Additionally, the website must have prominent call-to-action buttons, fast load times, mobile-friendliness, well-written content, and most importantly, effective search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques to guarantee the website is readily found by search engines.

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What is the Difference Between a Web Designer and a Web Developer?

The major distinction between a web designer and a web developer is that a web designer oversees the appearance and feel of a website, whereas a web developer oversees the site’s applications and functioning.

A website’s images, content and layout are created and styled by a designer, but there are no coded interactive components. In other words, web designers employ colour, space, and other graphic design concepts to produce an aesthetically pleasing website that successfully delivers your business message for visitors to browse.

On the other hand, the coding or programming that enables users to click and browse from page to page is referred to as web development. Consider a web developer to be the director behind the camera; they’re constantly around, but you’ll never see them in a good movie.

At RGC, we are an integrated marketing agency that provides both web services. Both teams of experts are readily available to our clients, making all web design services and collaborations simple, from early planning through to deployment. RGC Advertising is your one-stop-shop for all your web design agency and web development agency needs.

How Long Does Web Development Take?

The timeline of a web development project depends on a whole host of variables. But most significantly, the website’s size, for example, a single-page website, can be created in 3 to 5 days. In contrast, average websites take approximately 6-8 weeks, and a more sophisticated eCommerce website may take longer.

In our web design services quote, we routinely provide a tailored summary of the expected timeline involved in your web development project. Containing details such as the necessary project stages and how long each step will take, allowing clients to better understand our processes as your web development agency.

What is the Cost of Web Design Services?

The cost of web design services can start from as little as $2,500. However, the client’s needs, the quantity of content, and the complexity of bespoke design features determine the typical website design costs. For example, a basic custom website landing page is much cheaper than an entire e-Commerce website.

Since web design services differ considerably from one website to the next, it’s best to get in contact with us for a FREE Web Design Agency quote. As a reputable web development agency in Sydney, you can guarantee your RGC website delivers a finished result with no loose ends, ensuring a cohesive and professional website.

How Much Does Web Hosting Cost Per Month?

Web hosting is a service that allows individuals and businesses to maintain a website or web page on the internet. A web host, also known as a web hosting service provider, is a company that offers the technology and services required for a website or webpage to be viewed on the internet.

Unlike the average website design agency, RGC Advertising offers professional web hosting bundles starting from $30 per month! This monthly fee varies based on the number of resources your website requires, including disk space, bandwidth etc.

What Are the Greatest CMS Platforms for Creating a Website?

There are several top website design platforms available on today’s market, but the most popular website builders RGC Advertising uses include:

Wordpress Website Development Agency Sydney | Web Design Agency | RGC Advertising
Web Design Services | Joomla Website Development Agency Sydney | RGC Advertising
Web Design Sydney | Shopify Website Development Agency Sydney | RGC Advertising

The website design platform we use to construct your site is determined by many factors, but most importantly, by the type of website you desire. For example, a shopping cart-enabled website builder is ideal for selling items online as an e-commerce business. However, if you only require an informational site or blog, a CMS system like WordPress would suffice.

As a reputable website design agency in Sydney, there is no shortage of alternatives for our clients! Each CMS platform provides something unique in terms of features and price. No matter your industry or products, we will find the most suitable platform for your business.

Although our favourite CMS at RGC is WordPress, it allows us to create websites for various budgets and allows for a vast number of plugins suitable for site expansion. The WordPress platform is adaptable with strong security measures, designed to meet any needs, allows for good SEO strategies, and provides outstanding support.

What Web Design Services Does RGC Advertising Offer?

RGC Advertising is a web design agency in Sydney, who provides the full range of web design services for businesses of all sizes. Our website design services incorporate website creation, strategy, and development. We provide comprehensive online services to clients that want to build their own websites or upgrade their existing ones to enhance conversion rates on the internet.

Our web development services include UX design, ensuring that the User Experience is prioritised in the web development process. We analyse how to best translate the User Experience into a visually appealing User Interface Design (UI Design). All our websites are created with a mobile-first mindset, and our services include bespoke PHP and ASP development.

Our web design services include everything necessary to have a website up and running and optimised for search engine discovery. Our digital strategy services include SEO and Google advertising to ensure that the target demographic can access a website once developed. We also offer hosting services, continuous support, and maintenance for websites once they have been published.

Plus, at RGC, we can assist you with other aspects of your web design services project. As a content marketing agency, our skilful copywriters can transform basic words into intriguing, industry-specific material. Our staff can also supply appropriate photos from our comprehensive stock collections.

Whatever your requirements are, RGC has the expertise and solutions to fulfil them!

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Our clients’ websites all have differing website and marketing requirements, yet our Website Strategies all have one common goal, and that is to encourage higher consumer enquiries from their websites. See our most recent Website Marketing Agency Results!

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What else can we do?

If you require Website Design Services in Sydney, then you may be interested to know that we also provide Website Marketing Services to compliment your Website.

What Factors Should I Consider When Selecting a Web Development Agency?

When looking to hire a web development agency or a web design agency, it is best to consider what sort of website you want, how much time and money you’re prepared to invest, who will maintain the site in the future, and whether you have any special needs for features like CMS systems.

When deciding on which website design agency will be a good fit for your brand, it is essential to ask the following:

  • How experienced is the agency?
  • Does the web design agency have an in-house team of web designers & web developers?
  • Is the agency proficient across a variety of web content management systems?
  • Can the website design agency fulfil all your website requirements?
  • Are the clients of the web design agency known in the marketplace?
  • Is the quality of the web design work of a high standard?
  • Has the web design agency won any awards for their websites?

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Our Awards

Our work has been highly regarded and awarded for many international awards. From Award Winning Website Design to Interactive Mobile Applications, we have won across multiple categories, which include “Best Consumer Goods Mobile Application” for Mitsubishi Electric, through to “Best Website User Experience” for Breville.

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Why is RGC Advertising the Best Web Design Agency in Sydney?

RGC is one of the leading web design agencies in Sydney. We have been designing and developing high performing websites for our clients since 1998. We understand how people search for products online and how effective website design plays in promoting our clients’ products and services.

Our web design services also include setting up Google Analytics accounts to measure the ongoing effectiveness of the websites that we produce. In addition, our digital marketing professionals can implement added services to ensure a website can be promoted through effective marketing channels, including search engine optimisation services, digital marketing services and programmatic advertising services.

Additionally, we also include free website support, manuals, and training sessions for our clients to manage their own websites, should they wish. Our website designers and developers produce websites on platforms including WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Shopify, and more.

As a website design agency and development agency in Sydney, we provide website design services for small businesses through to large multi-national brands. From inspiration to completion, our staff designs and develops many types of websites including, blog websites, informational websites, brochure/catalogue style websites, e-commerce websites, social media websites, picture sharing websites, & private intranet websites for clients across Australia.

At RGC, we are also a content marketing agency, our highly talented and experienced in-house content writers can translate websites across a myriad of languages, including Mandarin, Hindi, Persian, Italian and Tagalog, to name a few.

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