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What is a Custom Landing Page?

A Custom Landing Page is essentially a mini website which has all the information in one single page, which is relevant for that specific goal or objective. A Custom Landing Page is designed and developed with its primary goal being to encourage enquiries or sales. The Custom Landing Page is usually attached to an Online Marketing Campaign, so as-to drive audiences to the one page, where they can either make an enquiry or make a purchase.

Also, known as a Squeeze Page, a Custom Landing Page is designed with the consumer in mind. It is quite effective if it can connect with the audience immediately. It must be able to showcase the key benefits of the brand, whilst also showcasing Call to Actions in very prominent places on the Custom Landing Page, to ensure the website visitor can make contact, with the brand easily.

It doesn't matter how much money a brand spends on their Digital Marketing, it's their ability to convert those leads into sales which can make all the difference in an effective Digital Marketing Campaign.

Brands are constantly investing money to drive traffic to Custom Landing Pages to encourage consumers to provide their personal information, which can be used by brands for ongoing marketing initiatives. But what happens when a consumer arrives on a landing page and they don't feel the need to make an enquiry or purchase a product or service? What does this mean for the brand, when they can't convert that consumer into a potential customer? The answer is simple; that brand has wasted a hell of a lot of time and money.

At RGC we create Custom Landing Pages, which have the following goals and objectives:

  Inviting design which quickly captures the attention of the web visitors
  Easy to read key selling features which explain what the brand is selling
  Call to actions in very prominent places throughout the custom landing page
  Client testimonials which further support the brand and its main selling point
  Videos which showcase the product or service in its best possible light
  Content which relates to the digital advertising attached to the landing page
  Responsive design so it can be viewed beautifully across all devices
  Conversion tracking & Google analytics for ongoing reporting

Why RGC Advertising for Custom Landing Page Design?

RGC is a Custom Landing Page Design Agency, who has a dedicated team of Graphic Designers, Web Designers, Web Developers, Content Writers and Digital Marketing Specialists, who work in a collaborative environment to produce Custom Landing Pages for small business through to large global clients. Our Custom Landing Pages not only produce results for our clients, but they also provide an enormous amount of analytical data, which our Web Design Agency can utilise for additional campaigns. Each landing page we create follows a strategic approach, to ensure we meet our client expectations. We can also create Custom Landing Pages that sit within websites to promote higher organic rankings on search engine landing pages.

At RGC Advertising we have been designing and developing Custom Landing Pages for our clients since online marketing began in Australia, and we understand what's required to execute a successful landing page for a brand. Ongoing testing and evaluation has enabled us to understand why some landing pages perform better than others. It can be something as small as changing the headline or placing an image in a different place on the landing page, which can dramatically affect the results of the landing page. Our team of expert Online Marketers, work tirelessly, to provide our clients with Custom Landing Pages that connect consumers to brands.

Custom Landing Page Design is not just art, it is a science, and our clients constantly enjoy tremendous results for their Digital Marketing Campaigns from the Website Landing Pages created by our Digital Agency.

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