What is SEO and How does it Work?

RGC is an SEO Agency in Sydney who provides SEO Services to brands to improve their search results online. To learn more about the services that we offer please call our expert SEO team on 1300 770 985 to get ranking today!

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO, is the technique utilised by Digital Agencies and Businesses, to help their websites rank higher in Search Results on Search Engine Landing Pages.

SEO Services & SEO Techniques include the optimising of websites to ensure the design and content is more aligned with Search Engine Best Practices and to match website content with a users' search query. Ultimately, an effective SEO Campaign will promote higher organic traffic to your website, and increased conversions by delivering relevant information to the user online.

Why RGC Advertising for SEO Services?

At RGC, we believe that Effective Search Engine Optimisation, is achieved by abiding by SEO Best Practices. The aim of SEO for the brands we represent, is to have their keywords ranking on the first page of Search Engine Landing Pages.

We start the SEO Process with an SEO Audit. To produce an effective SEO strategy, it is imperative that we perform a detailed SEO Analysis of your website, against your competitors current ranking in Google search results. This helps us identify SEO Opportunities to ensure your website will start to rank higher within Google Search results, as quickly as possible.

Our SEO Marketing Specialists, employ a combination of On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO Techniques, and they work closely with our Website Developers, Website Designers, Digital Analysts and Content Writers, to ensure that every aspect of the SEO Process is adopted correctly.

RGC is one of the leading SEO Agencies in Sydney, and this is only possible due to our ongoing SEO Optimisation and SEO Results we achieve for our clients.


20+ Years Experience

Since 1998, we have been a trusted partner for Australia’s leading consumer brands and corporate clients. Offering the full suite of solutions.


Reporting & Accountability

We provide customised, clear and no fuss reporting for each of our clients. You get the information you want with no hidden fees, numbers or confusion.


No Lock-in Contracts

We retain the business we have because of our results, hard work, value and business culture. So you will not be locked in to your ad spend with us.


Our Promise is Your Guarantee

Get your website ranking on Google within 3 months or it's FREE.

We Get SEO Results for our Clients

Our clients all have differing SEO requirements, however our SEO Strategies all have one common goal, and that is to encourage higher consumer enquiries from their websites, from the SEO initiatives we employ. See our most recent SEO Results!

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Search Engine Optimisation Reporting

We live and die by the SEO results that we achieve for our clients and that is why every SEO Campaign is backed by our intuitive Reporting Platforms. These platforms help support SEO Growth, and assist our SEO Specialists identify SEO Opportunities as they become available.

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We provide professional Local SEO, Metropolitan SEO and National SEO Services

RGC Advertising is an SEO Agency in Sydney, that understands the importance of how people search for products and services in their local areas online, and that is why we provide Local SEO Services, to ensure our clients’ websites are front and centre in local search results.

We also provide SEO Services for businesses that have multiple locations across Metropolitan areas as well as for businesses with locations Australia wide.

What else can we do?

If you require Search Engine Optimisation Services, then you may also be interested to know that we also provide additional services to compliment your SEO Campaign.