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What is Lead Generation SEO?

Lead Generation SEO Services focus specifically on collecting consumer information from people who have visited your website. More importantly, such information might include collecting ones' name, email, phone number, postcode and any other information relevant for a Lead Generation Campaign.

Lead Generation SEO is not just about increasing clicks to your website, it has one primary goal, and that is to generate a constant flow of new enquiries from your website, to help you build your sales pipeline.


How does Lead Generation SEO work?

The rules for best SEO practices are applied in much the same manner, but in order-to effectively collect new leads from your website, you will need to implement specific Custom Landing Pages, which encourage more opportunities for consumer enquiries. Meta Data, Content Creation, Good Design and User-Experience are all important elements in attracting leads to your business, but the main objective is to encourage the website visitor to leave their personal information, within a secure website form.

These days with more and more people searching for products and services online, they can either have the option to call for more information, or they can fill out a form with their details. This consumer information is vital for brands who rely on this kind of lead generation to fill their sales pipeline.


The Benefits of Lead Generation SEO

For someone to voluntary leave their personal information on a website, they are expecting someone from that business to contact them back, and if an enquiry has been collected as a result from Lead Generation SEO Initiatives, the chances of turning that enquiry into a sale, are much higher than that of leads generated from Awareness raising campaigns. This is what we refer to as “In Consideration Phase” within the customer journey. It's when a person has made up their mind that they are either in the market for a new product or service, or they are ready to discuss opportunities for potentially buying a product or service.

For a brand to have steady flow of organic leads from Lead Generation SEO Services, is one of the most viable Digital Marketing Initiatives available. Businesses who incorporate these Lead Generation SEO Solutions into their marketing mix, will enjoy much lower Cost Per Acquisitions, but more importantly will reduce a tremendous amount of time being applied to securing new business.


Why RGC advertising for Lead Generation SEO Services?

RGC is a highly-experienced Lead Generation SEO Agency based in Sydney, who applies these Lead Generation techniques to all our client SEO Campaigns on a daily-basis. We live and die by the enquiries we generate for our clients' businesses, and our results are measured by how well our Lead Generation SEO Services are applied.

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