Connect with your consumers in a Real-Time Auction with a Real-Time Audience, with Australia’s leading Programmatic Digital Ad Agency. Call RGC for Programmatic Real-Time Bidding Solutions.


Expand your reach & engage new customers

Traditional methods of media buying often lack flexibility through fixed costs and limited segmentation.

RGC is a Programmatic Media Agency who offers our clients a more efficient approach through Real Time Bidding Programmatic Solutions. This allows for specific targeting, and adaptable pricing on advertising inventory, and immediate placements that are based upon real impressions.

Real-Time Bidding (RTB) goes beyond the assumptions created from demographic and psychographic factors, and allows for campaigns to strategically target individuals based on more in-depth insights. This ensures that brand messages are highly engaging and relevant for consumers, and result in increased Click Through Rates (CTR’s) for our client campaigns.

This automated approach also has the potential to expand campaign reach, based on impressions received.

Through Programmatic Open Auctions, RGC can also guarantee value for our clients. Specific targeting criteria increases the chance of converting captivated consumers and ensures that there is no overspending on irrelevant inventory, which ultimately maximises our client’s investment.


Why RGC for Programmatic Real Time Bidding Services?

RGC has an In-House team of Programmatic Real Time Bidding Specialists who are constantly optimising our client Programmatic Advertising Campaigns on a daily basis. Under no circumstances, does our Programmatic Team, set and forget our client campaigns, and Real Time Bidding, ensures that our team are ready to pounce when the desired audience segments are available online and consuming content.

If you are looking for the Most Experienced Programmatic Advertising Agency in Australia, who can provide Un-Rivalled Programmatic Real Time Bidding Advertising Services, then call us on 1300 770 985.