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Design Ads to truly engage with potential customers

The increase of smart phones and tablets has changed the way that consumers interact with technology, allowing brands to constantly stay connected, with their customers.

This introduction has also changed the way in which people consume media with cross-device-use becoming more common. Through extensive data research, we understand that audiences quite often begin their consumer journey on one device, and complete it on another device.

Programmatic Advertising allows for the insight and control into our audiences. At RGC Advertising, we are a Programmatic Media Agency with a creative team who take these insights to develop a range of Advertising Creative Solutions to effectively communicate and engage with consumers across all devices.

Our in-house creative team made up of Graphic Designers and Animators possess a high-level of expertise and have the ability-to conceptualise and create multiple sets of Programmatic Display Advertising Banners. The creative team produce HTML5 Display Banners which guarantees optimal viewing and accessibility across all consumer platforms and devices within the marketplace. This has provided outstanding outcomes for our clients and their campaigns, resulting in maximum brand exposure, and increased consumer engagement.


Why RGC for Creative Programmatic Advertising Services?

Our talented and highly-experienced creative team are also equipped with years of knowledge and can create both Static and Animated Display Banner Advertisements for a variety of ad specifications, further ensuring that our client's campaigns reach their full potential and gain maximum exposure across all devices and inventory.

We also create and implement Retargeting Advertising into our Programmatic Advertising Campaigns, which involves tracking a consumer's digital footprint of the brands we represent, ensuring that their products and services are always on the customer's mind. This further promotes brand recognition, increases consumer engagement rates and ultimately provides our clients with a high level of conversions for every campaign.

Our Creative Team also works diligently to test our Display Banner Advertisements and provides insights on the best performing advertisements ensuring a successful campaign.

Our committed Programmatic Advertising Agency team regularly track, measure and optimise the performance of the creative as well as identify further opportunities to engage with audiences on multiple devices. These strategies exceed campaign objectives and achieve optimum results for the clients we represent.

RGC Advertising is Programmatic Creative Agency who is proud to consistently deliver exceptional results through our creative development to global brands across a myriad of industry sectors, in which our work has resulted in higher consumer engagement, conversions and client satisfaction.

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