Your brand is in safe hands, with Programmatic Brand Safety Solutions. Call RGC for Programmatic Advertising Services, which keeps brand safety top-of-mind.


Choosing the right ad placements for your business

RGC is a Programmatic Advertising Agency who understands that ineffective advertising placements can have adverse-effects and can potentially damage a client's reputation and image, if those media placements are next to inappropriate advertisements.

RGC places tremendous value on ensuring our clients Programmatic Advertisements feature in brand-safe environments, protecting their image while simultaneously attracting ideal customers to their brands.

We are committed to ensuring that our clients' advertising budgets are not wasted, by partnering with multiple ad tech vendors who provide us with the flexibility to match the best brand-aligned advertising inventory in the Programmatic Media Sector.

Through the Programmatic Software that we use at RGC Advertising, we are able-to easily categorise and group where advertisements best-fit in terms of the brand and target audiences, and we use a range of filters to blacklist harmful sites to achieve this. Having access to such technology sets the groundwork for ensuring our clients' content appears in environments perfectly aligned with their brand.


Why RGC for Programmatic Brand Safety Solutions?

RGC uses the highest quality Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) that comply with the Interactive Advertising Bureau's, quality assurance guidelines. Our clients can trust that their Programmatic Advertising Campaigns will appear in authentic, brand-safe environments.

Our talented team of Programmatic Ad Professional are also aware that technology can have certain limitations, therefore we are dedicated to manually monitoring and tracking our client's advertising placements, to provide a brand safe environment for the clients that we represent.

If you are looking for a Programmatic Media Agency in Sydney, who places tremendous value on our clients' Programmatic Advertising Brand Safety Requirements, then call us on 1300 770 985.