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Why RGC for PPC?

We are one of Sydney’s longest serving Digital Agencies and are trusted by corporate Australia to deliver ongoing results through pay per click advertising to not only raise awareness but also drive sales of their products and services. Our PPC agency team comprising of content writers, strategists and analysts, deliver first page results on search engine landing pages for all the brands we represent.

About our process

We begin the process with an online advertising strategy, which highlights our clients’ competition, budget, timing and key objectives. As we are constantly measured by the effectiveness of the results we achieve and we utilise key metrics to drive our clients advertising dollars further. We also apply Conversion Rate Optimisation to all client campaigns, to reinforce our ability to drive ongoing leads to our client websites.


Search Advertising

Our team are Google Accredited and we ensure our clients constantly maintain a top 3 position within Google search engine landing pages, by our endless management and optimization of our advertisements. We provide our clients detailed weekly reports and our ongoing thirst to deliver higher click through rates and increased website conversions is our motivation. Every client that has handed over their Search Advertising budget to RGC has been astounded in our ability to achieve more clicks at lower costs and ultimately more conversions.

Display Advertising

Chances are you have probably seen many of our clients’ advertisements whilst surfing the internet. Whether it’s an animated banner or video advertisement, we ensure our clients advertisements are placed where their target market are consuming content. RGC utilises client budgets more efficiently, with less budget wasted on poorly targeted impressions or impressions delivered to fulfill a bulk inventory purchase and this why we call it programmatic buying and the process which sets us apart from most of our competitors.


Video Advertising

With consumers watching less video content on traditional TV and more on digital platforms, like YouTube, it is no surprise that we as marketers are embracing this technology. Currently there is no better medium to raise brand awareness, than Video Advertising. RGC Advertising has been consistently achieving above-industry standard results for our brands, and we are implementing video content across a variety of video display and online platforms. With video advertising gaining momentum, get ready to see many more brands adopt this technology.

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Win a Heston Golden Experience Ad


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