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Introduce your brand to engaged consumers on YouTube

In recent times YouTube Advertising has become increasingly more popular as an advertising channel for Digital Marketing Agencies, as the tremendous reach of video advertising and its extremely Low Cost to Promote, provides Ad Agencies, with multiple touch-points for consumer user-engagement, via sharing, liking or commenting of video content.

There are various forms of Video Advertising channels for brands to incorporate into their online campaigns, but YouTube Video Advertising has seen a massive surge in popularity, across a wide range of demographics. More and more people are consuming video content on YouTube, from “How to Videos” to enjoying popular shows and it is now possible for advertisers to place In-stream Video Advertising before, during and/or after YouTube videos. These YouTube Advertisements are typically referred to as pre-roll videos and can play between 15-30 second time slots.

With consumers now having the ability to watch TV type shows within an online environment, it is no surprise that they are turning away from traditional forms of media to now view video content online, which delivers the right content at the right time. And this is where YouTube Video Advertising is tremendously-powerful as a marketing platform for brands. Its ability to display branded video content to consumers whilst raising brand awareness, sees some of the highest View Through Rates online, when compared to any other Video Advertising Digital Formats.

Digital Marketing Agencies often include YouTube Advertising into Video Advertising Campaigns, as it has the following benefits:

  Very cost-effective way to engage a targeted audience
  Great way for brands to raise awareness cost-effectively
  Drives consumers directly from videos to brands
  Great way for quality content to easily be shared

Why YouTube Video Advertising?

YouTube Video Advertising provide consumers a more enriching platform to consume content. Consumers expect advertising to be brief, to the point and easy to consume. If an advertisement doesn't grab a consumers' attention in only a few seconds, then the advertisement will not be successful. YouTube Advertising allows brands to quickly inform and visually entertain consumers with Video Advertising. YouTube Advertising provides brands with higher conversions than other digital platforms, and we are seeing increasing numbers of consumers interacting with this form of video advertising every day.

Why RGC for YouTube Advertising?

RGC Advertising is a YouTube Advertising Agency in Sydney who has been producing YouTube Video Advertising since its inception on Google Advertising Platforms. Our Video Advertising team, not only books the YouTube Advertising placements, but also designs and produces the video content, which ensure all our YouTube Video Advertisements, reach their desired target market whilst being played alongside relevant content pieces. We understand which YouTube Video Advertisements will have the most audience cut-through, and our ongoing results, see Google rewarding us with extremely cost-effective Cost Per Views, which are second-to-none.

Our Digital Ad Agency produces YouTube Advertising Campaigns, which promote our clients' products and services, in an extremely Cost-Effective and attention grabbing environment!

Our YouTube Advertising Team provide our clients the following benefits:

  YouTube Advertising Partner provider to clients
  20+ years as a leading Digital Marketing Agency in Sydney
  Transparent reporting and accountability
  No lock in contracts
  Fixed pricing

If you are looking for a trusted YouTube Advertising Agency, who can provide effective YouTube Video Advertising Services, then call our friendly team of experts on 1300 770 985.