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Getting noticed against your competitors within Google Search Engine results is vital for all brands, and each industry we service requires SEO techniques specific for that market sector.

RGC Advertising offers Search Engine Optimisation services in Sydney (SEO services) as a tailored solution for brands to be found organically online. SEO is the process of enhancing your page in a way that will affect its rank when shown amongst popular search results. We are able to optimise your website pages appearance in search engines by increasing related keywords, allowing your page to be shown for a wider array of potential search words or phrases against your competitors.

Getting started with an SEO Audit

In order to produce an effective SEO strategy for your brand, it is imperative that we perform a detailed analysis or SEO Audit of your website, against your competitors current ranking in Google search results.

It is at this stage that we identify opportunities to incorporate into our SEO Strategy, which will ensure your website starts to rank higher within Google Search results, as quickly as possible.


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Optimising your website

At RGC Advertising we understand that not all websites function the same, and each client may require various updates to their website in order to achieve higher SEO rankings. These days Google favours websites, which are mobile friendly, as more and more people search for content from their smart phones, therefore optimising your website for mobile is a must.

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We provide Local SEO, Metropolitan SEO and National SEO packages

RGC Advertising is an award winning seo agency in sydney. We understand that people search for products and services in their local areas, and that is why we provide local SEO campaigns. We also provide SEO strategies and campaigns for businesses that have foot prints across entire metropolitan areas or even nationwide. Each SEO campaign requires it’s own strategy to achieve its objectives, and that is to rank high in Google Search results.

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Ranking high on Search results is only half the job

Our in-house team of experienced SEO experts understand that converting website traffic into paying customers, is ultimately what it is all about. Therefore we put a lot of emphasis on ensuring the landing pages that potential customers arrive on are highly engaging and provide a user experience, which promote higher conversions.

We also demonstrate that an effective SEO campaign should be an ongoing initiative. The ability to achieve higher search rankings and also maintaining ongoing results for keyword searches is all part of our SEO tactics for our clients.


Google Analytical Reporting

We live and breathe Google Analytics. Each SEO or SEM campaign we produce incorporates Google Analytical reporting. We set up and manage Google Analytics accounts for our clients and we are able to demonstrate the performance of each campaign, and identify opportunities as they become available.

At RGC Advertising we provide our clients a detailed monthly Google Analytical Report and we also work with our clients ongoing to ensure the strategy and key objectives are fulfilled.

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