Looking for a Google Shopping Ads Management Agency who can get your Google Shopping Advertisements at the top of Google Search Results?


Marketing to Online Shoppers

Google Shopping has been one of the most exciting online shopping experiences for consumers, as they are now able to browse search engines and see their favourite products being promoted, knowing that they are only one click away from being able to purchase these products online.

Google Shopping allows businesses to connect their websites directly to the Google Search Network. Once the Google Shopping Ad account and the website are connected, the products are served to people in much the same way as a Google AdWords text listing is displayed, only now the advertisement shows the product from the website, with pricing and the name of the website of where it is coming from.

The ability for consumers to be able to search for a product and then get served with the actual product which can be purchased immediately, has been a game-changer for advertisers.

RGC is a Google Shopping Ads Management Company, who has had great success with promoting our clients' products online. Google Shopping Campaigns are not expensive to promote as they work in much the same way as a Google AdWords Campaign or a Google Display Advertising Campaign, as they still use a Cost Per Click Metric.

Google Shopping has the following benefits:

  Fewer steps for a consumer to make a purchase
  Consumers can see images & pricing from one search
  Raises tremendous awareness of your brand
 Very cost effective to promote and manage
 Google Shopping connects directly to a website
 A great way to increase sales to your online store

Who should advertise on Google Shopping?

Google Shopping Advertising is only for businesses that have E-Commerce Websites. The Google Shopping Merchant Centre draws product information automatically from an E-Commerce Website and delivers products which match consumer searches, much the same as Google AdWords. There is a certain advantage to promoting your products online within the Google Network, if you have an E-Commerce Website, as Google is still the most popular search engine for people who are interested in looking to buy products.


Is Google Shopping Expensive?

Google Shopping Advertising works in a Cost Per Click environment, much like Google AdWords. The cost to advertise your products on Google Shopping is dictated by the level of competition for keyword promotion, so it is quite similar, to the costs you could expect to pay for a traditional Google AdWords Campaign, and management of the campaign is also quite similar in time to promote.

Why RGC Advertising for Google Shopping Management?

RGC Advertising is one of the most experienced Digital Agencies in Sydney, and has been producing Google Shopping Campaigns since their inception. RGC is very excited to provide our clients with the following key benefits alongside our Google Shopping Management Services:

  Google Shopping Advertising provider to E-Commerce Retailers
  20+ years as one of Sydney's leading Digital Marketing Agencies
  Transparent & regular reporting, honesty and accountability
  No lock in contracts
  Fixed pricing

If you are looking for a highly-experienced Digital Marketing Agency in Sydney, who can provide effective Google Shopping Management Services, then call us on 1300 770 985.