Need a Google AdWords Remarketing Agency who can ensure your brand stays top of mind for consumers? RGC is a Google Ads Retargeting Agency who delivers!

What is Google Remarketing?

Google Remarketing is a way in which advertisers serve advertisements from websites in the Google Display Network, to people who have already visited websites before.

Remarketing is also often referred to as Retargeting, which essentially means targeting someone again who has already visited a website, so you can continue to remind them about that website.

Did you know that on average only 2% of web traffic converts on the first visit, leaving 98% of other potential customers possibly considering competitor's products and services?

Digital Agencies often include Google Remarketing into their Digital Marketing Mix, as it has the following benefits:

  Very cheap to promote client advertisements in a Display environment
  Has the ability-to personalise advertisements based on the users search history
  Strengthens brand recall as the consumer will be likely to see the ad many times
  Is a great way to follow up on web visitors to remind them of your brand

Who should use Google Remarketing?

Google Remarketing certainly has its place in Digital Marketing Campaigns, however as being a Digital Ad Agency who is completely focused on conversions, RGC doesn't always implement Google Remarketing into our client campaigns. If we see that a Google Remarketing Campaign is not helping to deliver the enquiries or sales we are targeting, then we will revert to other Online Marketing Initiatives. Even though Google Remarketing is a tremendous Awareness Raising tool, it's primary function should be to encourage web visitors back to the website so they can go on to make an enquiry.

Often consumers will get annoyed if they repeatedly see Google Remarketing Advertisements and they may also go on to never wish to purchase from that website, because they feel their privacy had been violated. It is very important when running a Google Remarketing Campaign, to keep the frequency of advertisements displayed to a percentage which is in line with market expectations.

Why RGC Advertising for Google Remarketing?

RGC Advertising is one of the most trusted Digital Agencies in Sydney, and has been producing Google Remarketing Campaigns since their inception. RGC has an in-house team of Graphic Designers and Digital Marketers who work together to create some very effective Google Remarketing Advertisements.

We are also very excited to provide our clients the following key benefits with our Google Remarketing Management Services:

  Google Remarketing provider to clients
  20+ years as a leading Digital Marketing Agency in Sydney
  Transparent reporting and accountability
  No lock in contracts
  Fixed pricing

If you are looking for a highly-experienced Digital Agency, who can provide effective Google Remarketing Services, then call our friendly team of experts on 1300 770 985.