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Stay connected to consumers online

It costs businesses quite a lot of money to create assets and advertising to reach their consumers, so they can connect with their brands online. Electronic Direct Marketing ensures your brand remains top of mind with your target market.

The purpose of Electronic Direct Marketing is to relay information to people who are interested to learn more about your brand on a regular basis. Recency, and frequency are vitally important for your EDM Campaigns, to ensure consumers are constantly reminded of your brand in the market place.

What is Electronic Direct Marketing?

Electronic Direct Marketing or otherwise known as (eDM), is the process of building a list of both existing clients and potential clients, who have the ability-to purchase products and services from your business. This list, which is also known as a Customer Database, is engaged directly from brands, with electronic messaging in a targeted and personalised way, to inform their audience of the brands ongoing accomplishments.

Online Marketing Agencies often use Electronic Direct Marketing to promote their businesses, as it has the following benefits:

  Very cost-effective way to engage an interested audience
  Allows brands to stay in touch with their database
  Great way to encourage repeat business sales
  Can be automated to save your business time and money

Electronic Direct Marketing is cost-effective and extremely powerful. RGC is an Electronic Direct Marketing Agency who provides a user-friendly system for our clients to utilise and our easy to read reporting provides our brands with analytical data so they can learn more about what their customers desire.

Why RGC for Email Marketing?

RGC Advertising is an Email marketing Agency in Sydney who gets the most out of each-and-every client Email Marketing Campaign. Our Graphic Designers, Digital Marketers and Web Developers all work together to produce the most cutting-edge Email Campaigns, which always exceed industry benchmarks.

Should you wish to apply some interesting effects to your Direct Marketing Campaign, RGC can make it possible to add motion graphics to your Electronic Direct Marketing Campaigns then animated banners is certainly worth considering.

Our clients are constantly blown away by the level of sophistication we apply to their Email Marketing Campaigns with the following:

  Audience & Customer Segmentation
  Leading Sales Automation processes
  Integration between their varied ERP & CRM systems
  Low rates of customer database un-subscriptions

RGC utilises an array of Email Marketing Software platforms, which are specific to the clients' business operations. We have seen tremendous benefits to client sales processes, purely from swapping one Email Platform to another. From Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Mailchimp to Klavio, we provide our clients the right system for the right application, and we can also create customised plug-ins to create automated sequencing for specific functions.

Our ongoing results have seen our clients enjoy big uplifts in their Online Sales, increases in repeat orders, increases in Average Order Values but more importantly big reductions in overall Digital Advertising Costs, due to our diligent Online Marketing Expertise.

Our Email Marketing Specialists provide our clients the following benefits:

  Email Marketing provider across leading EDM platforms
  20+ years as a leading Digital Marketing Agency in Sydney
  Transparent & regular reporting and accountability
  No lock in contracts
  Fixed pricing

If you are looking for a trusted Electronic Direct Marketing Agency, who can provide effective EDM Services, then please get in contact with our friendly team by calling us on 1300 770 985.