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Why RGC for Digital Marketing?

Since 1998, RGC Advertising is an digital marketing agency who is trusted by corporate Australia to provide digital solutions. We are a digital marketing agency that offers the full suite of digital marketing and advertising services from start to completion. We are one of Sydney's longest serving full service digital agencies, so naturally we see our clients websites as the first touch point for consumers and with this in mind, we formulate strategic online campaigns, which utilise a combination of search engine optimisation, pay per click advertising, website development, social media marketing, electronic direct marketing and content marketing to engage consumers and drive ongoing traffic and leads to our clients websites and social pages.

Why Our Strategic Process Gets Results

Our digital media agency, create strategies for some of Australia’s leading consumer brands and our successes are measured by the international brands we represent. We implement clear goals and objectives from the outset, so there is no confusion as to what is expected. Our strategies commence with a vigorous competitor, consumer insight and brand analysis investigation, to determine opportunities for success and our ongoing optimization efforts, ensure our results are strengthened every step of the way. As a leading digital marketing agency, we are only as successful as our last campaign, and that is why we put a great deal of emphasis on data collection, reporting, and innovation of new methods to ensure our clients stay ahead of their competitors and ultimately dominate their space.

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Consumer Sales Promotion

The key objective of the campaign was to increase sales for the Spring period, by celebrating 325 years of Husqvarna and encouraging consumers to purchase Husqvarna powered products, to be eligible to Win $10,000 worth of Husqvarna products.


Search (Google AdWords), Display Programmatic Advertising, Point of Sale and TrueView Advertising


  • 19,650 - Unique clicks to micro site
  • 2,667,904 Impressions
  • 40% of users converted to click on nearest store button
  • 2,739 purchases (at a minimum purchase of $300)


Facebook Marketing Lead Generation

The key objective of the campaign was to promote and raise awareness of the new Blitz2Go blender and encourage consumers to participate in the content creation of an e-book, by offering their very own inspiring recipe for the Blitz2Go.


Facebook Advertising, Social Media Marketing and Content Creation for ongoing lead generation


  • 350,303 - Reach
  • 5,000+ New Likes to the Facebook Fan page
  • Created Recipe e-book with 200 recipes from consumers
  • E-Book went on to deliver well over 15,000 downloads
  • One of the most popular blenders sold in its category


Google AdWords Strategy

The key objective of the campaign was to implement a Google Adwords strategy that captured in-market consumers, facilitated the increase of website traffic and online sales while maximising the advertising budget.


Search (Google Adwords), Google Remarketing and Content Creation for ongoing lead generation


  • Increased new users to the website by 40%
  • Achieved highest online sales to date
  • Demonstrated the ideal time and day to connect with consumers
  • Delivered a return on investment up to 126% on ad spend
  • Showcased which consumer geographical locations were the most engaged

“RGC has an in-house team of Google Accredited professionals, designers, developers, digital marketers and content creators, who will ensure you dominate your competition”

Search Engine Optimisation

How do you stack up against your competition?

Getting noticed against your competitors within Google Search Engine results is vital for all brands, and each industry our online advertising agency services, requires SEO techniques specific for that market sector. It starts with an SEO Audit of your website against your competitors current ranking to identify opportunities to ensure your website starts to rank higher within Google Search results, as quickly as possible. We provide local, metropolitan and national SEO packages and our ongoing optimization and analytical reporting ensures our clients maintain ongoing results for keyword searches.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Do you know what it costs you to get a new customer?

We are one of Sydney’s longest serving Digital Agencies in Sydney and are trusted by corporate Australia to deliver ongoing results through Search & Display Advertising, to not only raise awareness but also drive sales of our clients products and services. Our PPC agency team comprising of content writers, strategists and analysts, deliver first page results on search engine landing pages for all the brands we represent. We are constantly measured by the effectiveness of the results we achieve and we utilise key metrics to drive our clients advertising dollars further, as they would expect from a leading SEM Agency.

Website Design and Development

Responsive websites stay connected to consumers

RGC Advertising is a website design agency in Sydney who has been designing and developing websites since 1998. We produce websites, online shops, microsites and mobile applications for some of Australia’s leading consumer brands and we have won numerous international awards in this space for our design, development and user experience capabilities. Our web design team are experts at creating websites which are not just aesthetically pleasing, but also provide consumers with a user experience which promotes higher page views and lower exit rates. Our websites will keep your consumers connected to your brand for longer.

Social Media Marketing

Don’t take my word for it, look at who has shared it

Australians are some of the highest users of social media in the world, and RGC Advertising is a social media marketing agency that invests a lot of time and resources to ensure we are up to date with the most popular social platforms. Our team are experts at producing social media marketing campaigns for brands so they can learn more about their target market. If a consumer likes a brands' product or service, then the consumer is more likely to share that information with other consumers. It is this sharing which brands see true value in, and this is why we as marketers, strive to tell brands stories through social media.

Electronic Direct Marketing

How often are your customers thinking of your brand?

Brands spend a lot of money to create assets and advertising to reach consumers and have consumers connect with their brands. Electronic Direct Marketing ensures brands can continue to keep their consumers thinking of them constantly. We are able to relay information to consumers who have provided their personal information via a website. Recency and frequency ensure consumers are constantly reminded of the brand and Electronic Direct Marketing is cost-effective and extremely powerful. We provide user-friendly reporting and analytical data so our clients can learn more about what their consumer’s desire.

Content Marketing

Once upon a time lived a brand with a story to tell

Every brand has a story to tell and it is our job as marketers to ensure our clients’ stories are expressed to their consumers effectively. Brands who are good storytellers have increased opportunities for retaining the attention of their consumers for longer, and this results in raising awareness of brands products and services. Whether we a required to tell a story in a few seconds through an animated banner advertisement or through a brands website or social media marketing campaign, the team at RGC Advertising are a co-operative of designers, content marketers and developers who are all storytellers in their own right.

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