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That's A Little Bit Personal, Isn't It?

That's A Little Bit Personal, Isn't It? Content Marketing Agency

You have probably heard all the hype lately around the use of personalisation as a marketing strategy, with critics questioning the effectiveness of the approach.

What's Trending In Digital Marketing

What's Trending In Digital Marketing | Digital Marketing Agency

The digital media industry is dynamic, fast-paced and constantly evolving.

What Does Voice Search Mean For My Brand?

What Does Voice Search Mean For My Brand? Google AdWords Agency

In recent years, voice search has appeared to be nothing but a quiet whisper in the digital marketing space. However, this is about to be amplified with the prediction that by 2020, over 200 billion searches will be voice-activated.

Does Content Marketing Really Work?

Does Content Marketing Really Work? Content Marketing Agency | RGC

Did you know that consumers are exposed to over 5000 marketing messages every single day? Think about how many of these 5000 messages that you can recall. In a loud and overwhelming marketing environment, how can your brand stand out?

How is data fuelling digital marketing in the automotive sector?

How is data fuelling Digital Marketing in the automotive sector?

Big data, predictive analytics and machine learning are common topics that have risen within the digital marketing space and are rapidly gaining traction from many industries due to the opportunities it provides.

Proactive vs Reactive Consumer Marketing | Digital Agency

2016 has flown past ever so quickly and the majority of brands, have either planned their consumer marketing and advertising strategies for the year ahead or are in the process of producing them now. But does your consumer marketing strategy have the ability to react quickly in an ever-changing landscape should it be required?

RGC Wins Silver at the 2016 W3 Awards for the My Business Mate iPhone App

RGC Wins Silver at the 2016 W3 Awards | App Development Services

Recognising the power of creativity is the slogan behind the highly regarded international W3 awards, and RGC Advertising is delighted to Win a Silver Award within the Business and User Experience Categories for the “My Business Mate” iPhone Application development project, as our first internal brand innovation initiative. 

RGC Wins 2016 WebAwards for Sika Retail

RGC Wins 2016 WebAwards for Sika Retail | Web Design Agency | RGC

RGC Advertising takes home the 2016 WebAwards for outstanding achievement in web development. The Web Marketing Association (WMA) hosted the world renowned international competition for outstanding work in website design and development. The WMA was hosted in the United States, and the competition is a premier award recognition program for digital advertising agencies and web developers. 


Why Search Engine Optimisation is more important than ever

Google has gone and done it again. They have updated their algorithm and this update has changed the way in which search results appear within Google search engines.

How to pick the best digital agency services for your business

How to pick the best Digital Agency Services | RGC 1300 770 985

Have you ever had a customer tell you they didn’t know you offered those products or services, and then they gave the job to someone else? I am sure this has happened to all of us once or twice and as much as it hurts, we only have ourselves to blame. However, there are many things you can do to make sure this never happens to you.

What has social media taught us?

What has Social Media Taught Us? Social Media Marketing Agency

In recent studies conducted by Sensis in 2015 on social media consumption by consumers, we see exactly how consumers react to brands delivery of content and it provides brands with opportunities to truly engage their consumers more effectively. So what steps should brands implement to ultimately sell more product?

See how Australians use Social Media in 2015

How Australians use Social Media in 2015 | Social Media Agency

Social media usage is on the rise for Australian consumers and businesses in 2015. This report demonstrates exactly how, why and when social media is being utilised. Is your brand positioned correctly to effectively connect consumers to your products and services?

Have we forgotten to be creative?

Have we forgotten to be creative? | Creative Agency | RGC

The digital age is here and the buzz-words that brands seem to be focusing on more than ever are ROI, analytics, big data and more. So why is it that good old fashion creative, sometimes doesn’t get the recognition it so rightly deserves?

Why you should not advertise

Why you should not advertise | Digital Marketing Agency | RGC

So you are probably thinking I am crazy for saying this, right? And why would I be trying to convince brands that they don’t need to spend any money on advertising, especially when advertising is key to promoting their products and services effectively?

6 ways to keep your brand on track

6 ways to keep your brand on track | Graphic Design Agency | RGC

We all know how quickly digital technologies are changing and especially how consumers are incorporating these technologies into their everyday lives. So how can brands ensure they have a solid online strategy to stay connected to their consumers for longer?

Why consumer brands should employ their fans as Content Marketers

Every brand has a story to tell, and at the end of the day the brand that is the best story-teller will capture the attention of consumers the most effectively. But over time a good story can only go so far, and it leaves you wondering why more brands don’t look to their fans to share their stories and become content marketers on their behalf?

Mitsubishi Electric and Sika join RGC | Digital Agency | RGC

After an intensive pitching process, we are delighted to welcome Mitsubishi Electric and Sika to RGC Advertising in 2015. These companies have partnered with RGC to deliver the full suite of digital, advertising and marketing services and we can’t wait to connect consumers to their brands.

What is your social media ROI?

What is your Social Media ROI? Social Media Agency | RGC

You only have to blink an eyelid and technology is changing. Brands are fighting to keep up with social trends, however how do you know what your return on investment is from your social media marketing and advertising?

Web Mobile Application - Independent Locksmiths Contractor Locator App

Mobile Web App | Mobile App Development Agency | RGC

Launching a web mobile application for Independent Locksmiths achieved tremendous advantages, as this app was purpose built around delivering them a solution to locate contractors from various networks around Australia. The web app helped them systemise their internal processes, hence promoting increases in efficiency and productivity for their brand.

How to create Marketing Leverage Opportunities for your brand

How to Create Marketing Leverage Opportunities for your brand

Every brand big or small require advertising and marketing strategies to promote their products and services in order to raise awareness and opportunities for sales. However, how well has your brand incorporated modern marketing leverage opportunities, to compete in this brave new world?