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Why Business Owners Need to Prepare for a Potential Google Departure

A wildfire of panic has fled through Australia due to Google’s recent claim to remove their search services entirely from the Australian market. Google holds such a monopoly over the internet; most Australians consider Google and the internet as one in the same. 

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Digital Marketing Hacks to Grow Your Business on Instagram's New Shop Tab

It's time to make the most of society's hyper-connectivity. If you sell products online, you should be using Instagram shopping.

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SEO News: Google’s December Core Update

Almost every day, Google updates its algorithms and systems aiming to improve the user experience with better-informed search results; these are small upgrades and are not noticeable for businesses. But Google also releases significant core updates which impact webmasters, content producers and practically everyone that uses the internet. 

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What a COVID-19 Second Wave Will Mean for Marketers

As 2020 rolls on with a tremendous amount of uncertainty, both consumers and businesses are faced with the possibility of a COVID-19 second-wave of shuts downs across Australian cities.

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The Evolution of E-Commerce in 2020

With the growing costs of upholding a bricks and mortar store and the current Covid-19 pandemic, many businesses are closing up shop, only to reopen online.

How Digital Marketing Will Change Post Covid-19

As both a consumer and a strategist for a leading digital marketing agency, I have been fortunate to look at this Covid-19 pandemic from two very different views.

Why SEO is important during Covid-19 Lockdown

Who would have thought that in 2020 we would have seen such significant changes to our lives, almost overnight? These changes have seen many businesses heavily impacted by lockdowns across the globe.

How Augmented Reality is Changing E-Commerce

How Augmented Reality is Changing E-Commerce

As technology continually changes and adapts, so too do the opportunities available for marketers.

How to Maximise Conversions with Youtube's TrueView for Action Campaigns

How to Maximise Conversions with Youtube Advertising

Since its humble beginnings in 2005, Youtube has become an addictive phenomenon with over 1.5 billion users uploading over 400 hours of video every minute and consuming billions of hours of video every single day.

How The Internet of Things is Providing New Digital Marketing Opportunities?

How The Internet is Providing New Digital Marketing Opportunities

As explained perfectly by global consultancy firm Deloitte, data-driven marketing is the magic work in the industry right now.

10 Tips To Increase Conversions With Web Form Design

10 Tips To Increase Conversions With Web Forms

Attracting customers in today's digital age is no easy feat. With a multitude of factors that contribute to a brand's online success, effective web design is one of the most important. 

A Guide To PPC Advertising: Google Ads

A Guide To PPC Advertising | Google AdWords Management Agency

Since launching in 2000 and attracting only 20 million searches a day, Google Ads (previously called Google AdWords) has grown immensely, now attracting over 3.5 billion daily searches and equating to roughly 40,000 search queries a second. 

Win Local Consumers With a Local SEO Strategy

Win Local Clients with Local SEO Services | Local SEO Agency

While the online era has definitely impacted the way consumers interact with brands, it may be surprising to know consumers still visit physical stores and establishments.

All You Need To Know About Marketing Automation

All You Need To Know About Marketing Automation | Lead Gen Agency

In the age of instant gratification thanks to hyper-personalised and fast paced digital marketing, customer experience has never been more important.

Writing Effective Meta Descriptions for Google's Ever Changing Rules

Writing Effective Meta Descriptions | SEO Services | SEO Agency

With irrelevant display advertisements being increasingly blocked, and no captivating merchandising to rely on in the online world, attracting consumers via digital platforms has always been a tricky and challenging feat.

Programmatic Advertising Increases Customer Value for the Insurance Industry

Programmatic Advertising Increases Customer Value for Insurance

Although labelled as a buzzword, the 'digital transformation' has made an immense impact in many areas of business, including the insurance industry.

How Smart Speakers Are Amplifying Sales In The Retail Sector

How Smart Speakers Are Amplifying Sales In The Retail Sector

It is with no doubt that the digital age and online environment has had a major impact on the retail industry in recent years. While foot traffic into physical stores declines, online shopping and e-commerce sales have grown massively.

How Virtual Reality is Changing Digital Marketing in the Building & Real Estate Industry

How Virtual Reality is Changing Digital Marketing in Real Estate

As the Oculus Rift, HTV and other virtual reality (VR) headsets increasingly creep into our homes and the augmented reality (AR) app phenomenon, Pokémon Go, took over our smartphone screens in mid-2016, VR and AR technology has been hot on everyone's lips.

Get Schooled On How Digital Marketing Is Transforming The Educational Industry

Get Schooled On Digital Marketing in the Education Industry

In Australia, the education industry is a $121 billion market and according to IBIS World has expanded at a faster rate relative to population growth in the past five years. 

Chatbots improve customer experience for the insurance industry

Chatbots Improve Customer Experience for Insurance Industry | RGC

Technology has long played an important role in providing exceptional customer experience for many brands, including the insurance industry.