Established in 1998, RGC Advertising provides Strategy & Planning, Digital Media, Online Marketing, Pay Per Click & Programmatic Advertising services to some of Australia’s leading consumer and technology brands.

RGC Advertising provides research and development, competitor analysis and market & brand positioning. This enables our clients to determine avenues for future advertising marketing initiatives. Memorable creative gives our clients an edge in the marketplace over their competitors. RGC Advertising delivers the total online advertising and marketing solution.

RGC Advertising understands the trust in being given the opportunity to work with existing and new clients. We are committed to ensuring our client’s desires are fulfilled to the best of our ability and within realistic timelines.  

We invest the time to understand how your brand operates and makes money, so understanding our clients’ requirements is another key aspect requiring careful consideration. It is our intention to understand aspects of your business, which will further aid us in providing a clear message to your target audience.

RGC Advertising has a passion for design, as we are fundamentally a creative agency. 

Our knowledge of marketing and advertising enables us to design solutions for clients that are aesthetically pleasing and provide our clients an edge over their competitors in the market place.  

The success of any project relies heavily on the right team. Our team has the experience collectively to produce projects that exceed client’s expectations.

In-order to achieve our client’s requirements, our processes start much earlier than most other agencies. We invest a lot of time even prior to winning the account. It’s our intention to understand the objectives at hand, as we are serious in developing strong client relationships for years to come.  

Managing the financial aspects of any project is critical to the decision-making process. We understand budgets must be closely monitored and we have an obligation to identify the most cost-effective channels in accordance with the project specifications without impacting on quality. We will only provide strategies that are relevant to project favourable budgets. 

Key benefits

As an independent Australian Digital Advertising Agency, we are able, to provide our clients the following benefits:

  • In-House Trading Desk with Highly Experienced Digital
    Advertising & Marketing Experts
  • Access to the World’s Largest Advertising Exchanges 
  • 24/HR Live Reporting to Client Campaigns
  • Expert Knowledge of all relevant Advertising Platforms Globally
  • Google Partner (YouTube & AdWords platforms)
  • In-House Content, Design, Development & Marketing Team 
  • Extremely Competitive Pricing & Transparent Reporting
  • Ability to Recommend Additional Opportunities for Future
    Client Campaigns
  • Thorough Understanding of our clients Audience Segments