A Dedicated & Innovative Team

Learn more about the people that make RGC Advertising one of the Best Digital Agencies in Sydney. To learn more about what our Digital Agency can do for your business call us on 1300 770 985.

Effective communication begins in the working environment. RGC Advertising prides itself on its very talented and motivated team. One only has-to pick up the phone and speak with their friendly staff to see their level of professionalism and enthusiasm.

Every staff member has been hired on their individual merit and skills, without the need for third party recruitment agencies. Additionally, RGC does not outsource any work to sub-contractors under any circumstances. It is with this rationale that RGC Advertising has a very strong staff retention rate and clients can enjoy the comfort in knowing their work, is handled by staff whom they know and trust within the organisation.

In an ever-changing market, RGC Advertising constantly strives to develop new and innovative solutions. This can only be achieved by recruiting experienced and qualified employees. The team at RGC Advertising is confident in their ability to compete at every level in this competitive market and the RGC team constantly has the clients’ best interests in mind.

About the Director

Richard Gerrettson-Cornell is the Founder & Managing Director of RGC Advertising. With a strong creative background, Richard graduated from the University of Western Sydney in 1994, where he studied Arts. Throughout his career, Richard worked in some of Sydney’s leading Advertising Agencies.

Richard’s success stems from his hard work, honesty and determination. These principles have been translated through the mechanics of how RGC operates and the overall success of the business is attributed to these qualities and principles. The motivating factor for Richard is to enjoy seeing the continual growth of the brand and to also gets satisfaction from clients succeeding within their own organisations.