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RGC Advertising is an award winning Digital Marketing Agency in Sydney which provides Creative Services, Web Design Services, SEO Services, Digital Marketing Services and Programmatic Advertising Services to some of Australia’s leading consumer brands.

Since 1998, our Digital Ad Agency based in Sydney has been achieving award winning results through rock solid strategies, impressive creative and delivery through the most effective advertising and marketing channels.

With a highly experienced and talented team, we are a Digital Marketing Agency who our clients can expect to deliver on our promises every time. Our success is measured by the effectiveness of the work we produce and our passion is fuelled by the ongoing development of the brands we represent.

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Kind words from satisfied clients

We are known in the industry, as the Digital Marketing Agency that delivers!
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2 months ago

It’s a pleasure to work with people who know the meaning of efficiency, professionalism and remarkable skills that have helped BHD Storage Solutions develop their Business Capability Statement…

Vania Adomian

It’s a pleasure to work with people who know the meaning of efficiency, professionalism and remarkable skills that have helped BHD Storage Solutions develop their Business Capability Statement which included Graphic Design & Strategic Branding services. We’re impressed with RGC’s outstanding service and highly recommend them.

7 months ago

The team at RGC have been super responsive and reliable when it comes to both campaigns that require considered thought and also ad hoc jobs that need speedy turnarounds.

Peter Taueki

The team at RGC have been super responsive and reliable when it comes to both campaigns that require considered thought and also ad hoc jobs that need speedy turnarounds.

Couldn’t recommend Richard and the team more.

8 months ago

I approached RGC Digital Marketing Agency after many years of working with other SEO companies. They are a smaller team compared to the previous agencies I’ve worked with who tended to be large…

Graeme Metcalf

I approached RGC Digital Marketing Agency after many years of working with other SEO companies. They are a smaller team compared to the previous agencies I’ve worked with who tended to be large with offices in multiple locations, however I believe their small size advantage. I’ve discovered RGC to be an agile company that understands our small business and market like no other SEO agency has in the past, which is truly a breath of fresh air. RGC being Sydney based has really helped with our campaigns as they have a good understanding of the local demographics. I can communicate with any of the team be it a copywriter, analyst, marketer or Richard the director and feel they are on top of what we are trying to collectively achieve. Richard’s approach is honest and he isn’t afraid to speak his opinion which I can appreciate after years of working with a revolving door of SEO account managers. RGC Advertising is delivering on high expectations and I look forward to continuing this fruitful relationship.

2 years ago

What a dedicated and passionate person Richard from RGC is. Richard and the whole team are nothing but professional, responsive, attentive and the level of detail in a business I have not seen for a long time.

Novale Bathrooms

What a dedicated and passionate person Richard from RGC is. Richard and the whole team are nothing but professional, responsive, attentive and the level of detail in a business I have not seen for a long time.

From our first meeting and now working together for a long time, pretty sure I can say they have never missed a beat!

Anyone needing marketing & advertising, RGC is the safest place to be. Keep up the great work!!!

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We love creating something from nothing and there is nothing more satisfying than seeing our clients excited about the work we produce. Our brands enjoy peace of mind, in knowing we are a Digital Ad Agency in Sydney that can provide every aspect of their online requirements, to successfully connect consumers to their brands.


As a highly qualified & experienced Digital Marketing & Advertising Agency in Sydney, we’re proud to share our Online Marketing expertise that will educate and challenge innovation for many consumer brands. Keep up to date with our brand and the fast-paced industry with our informative blogs.

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Why Business Owners Need to Prepare for a Potential Google Departure

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Digital Marketing Hacks to Grow Your Business on Instagram’s New Shop Tab

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SEO News: Google’s December Core Update

SEO News: Google’s December Core Update

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What a COVID-19 Second Wave Will Mean for Marketers

What a COVID-19 Second Wave Will Mean for Marketers

As 2020 rolls on with a tremendous amount of uncertainty, both consumers and businesses are faced with the possibility of a COVID-19 second-wave of shuts downs across Australian cities.

Digital Marketing Agency Q/A

What Does a Digital Marketing Agency Do?

In the same way, businesses hire accountants to organise their business finances; Digital Marketing Strategists take care of all your marketing needs, so you can focus on what is important – running your business.

A Digital Marketing Agency firstly evaluates your website and brand to determine where your business is sitting against its competition and the overall industry. A Digital Marketing Agency then builds unique strategies that will increase brand awareness, generate higher profits and meaningful leads.

A Digital Marketing Strategy is a plan of action tailored to a business’s unique objectives and its targeted audience, to achieve long-term and macro marketing goals. A strategy is exceptionally detailed, outlining the best Digital Marketing channels, platform-specific delivery tactics and defining KPIs to measure the strategy’s performance.

Launching Digital Marketing Campaigns are different to the strategy, as campaigns are centred around short-term goals or micro-objectives. Campaigns are the steppingstones in order to make the Digital Marketing Strategy more feasible. KPIs and reporting are also used to keep track of a Digital Marketing campaign’s effectiveness.

At RGC, we offer a wide range of Digital Marketing Services to implement targeted, measurable and interactive Digital Marketing. Each Digital Marketing element is essential to create a solid foundation for your online business.

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) drives free and organic traffic to your website. As a leading SEO Agency in Sydney, we optimise your website’s content to give your brand a better chance to be the top result on a search engine. Allowing easier access of your brand to ideal customers when they search for key terms related to your business.
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is a form of advertising where an advertiser pays each time a user clicks on the ad, ultimately driving paid traffic to your website. Paid Ads have many different names, from Pay-Per-Click, AdWords, Google Ads, Bing Ads to simply paid results. As a leading Digital Ad Agency, we set up, run and optimise paid advertisements. The amount paid for the Ad space changes depending on how much other advertisers are willing to bid or pay for that exact same click.
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM) refers to all promotions through a social media platform – paid and organic. As a leading Social Marketing Agency in Sydney, we run SMM campaigns that construct good brand awareness, build a solid audience of followers, and retain loyal customers. As a Facebook Advertising Agency, YouTube Advertising Agency and Instagram Advertising Agency, we create ideal social media content for your brand, in short form creative content with highly engaging and unique visuals.
  • Content Marketing focuses on distributing creative and original content in order to attract and engage ideal consumers. As a leading Content Marketing Agency, we use this excellent avenue to keep your audiences updated on industry information and relevant company news.
  • Email Marketing or Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) Marketing refers to the use of emails to promote products and incentivise customer loyalty. As a leading Digital Agency Sydney, we produce EDM’s to keep you in contact with your established audience, keeping them engaged and continually purchasing from you.
  • Web Design refers to the creation of websites for the internet. As a leading Web Design Agency, we know how essential web development services are for marketing as website user experience is synonymous with how audiences perceive your brand.
  • Programmatic Advertising refers to buying advertising space on specific websites. As a leading Programmatic Ad Agency, we know how to maximise Programmatic services to get the best results. Depending on a campaign’s objectives and the target market, programmatic advertising uses relevant data to display advertisements to the right audience at the right time.

When each of these Digital Marketing Services are used simultaneously, your business will generate excellent brand awareness, achieve explosive traffic growth, land quality leads, and target your ideal consumers.

Yes, Digital Marketing requires a lot of work, which is why it is vital to hire an experienced Digital Marketing Agency to help you achieve each of your goals. For more comprehensive examples of our Digital Marketing Processes, check out RGC’s Work Portfolio to discover our successful projects.

We are a Digital Marketing Agency that differs from a traditional Marketing Agency, focused on results-based Advertising and Marketing in a completely online environment. RGC Advertising is a Digital Marketing Agency in Sydney, that is dedicated to generating enquiries for our clients’ products and services. We are completely focused on helping our clients dominate their competitors online.

Why is Digital Marketing Important for Your Brand?

Business operation in the digitalised world is the most competitive field in history; even the smallest companies can compete with long-established enterprises with Digital Marketing. Watch your business conquer its industry with professional Digital Marketing strategies.

Digital Marketing tactics fully optimise your business workflow, allowing high efficacy to achieve your business’s unique goals, gaining new leads, and strengthening loyal relationships with existing customers.

The most powerful tool of online content is just at your fingertips – it’s time to invest in competitive and sustainable online advertising to convert leads into profits. Having a good Digital Marketing Strategy is vital to successful business operations, primarily in this competitive field.

RGC Advertising has the experience and results to support our Digital Marketing efforts. RGC is a Digital Marketing & SEO Agency in Sydney that effectively manages Digital Marketing budgets to deliver unrivalled results. By partnering with a Digital Marketing & Advertising Agency, our clients can benefit from our highly intuitive internal processes and procedures from over 20 years of operation.

Our detailed reporting and ongoing analysis of Digital Marketing campaigns enable our clients to focus on their own business, whilst having the reassurance in knowing that the results we provide will help drive their business forward.

Still not sure if your business is ready for explosive Digital Marketing Services? Claim your FREE Digital Marketing Evaluation now, so you can uncover what Digital Advertising and Marketing opportunities await your brand. Get in touch with an expert Digital Marketing Strategist from RGC Advertising, and we will immediately walk you through our processes.

What is Meant by Digital Marketing Services?

While traditional marketing is primarily related to print media, television advertising, and physical marketing, Digital Marketing is the modern form…

Digital Marketing Services exclusively encompasses advertising on digital platforms, electronic devices and the internet; this includes email, social media, search engines and mobile. As marketers, our job is to connect ideal consumers to your brand, and in today’s fast-paced and digitalised society, all consumers are online.

So, all advertising should target digital platforms in order to get noticed by the largest number of consumers. In fact, Digital Marketing Services generates leads three times more and costs 62% less than traditional marketing. Digital Marketing Services reach a greater audience with less money, allowing your target audience to continuously connect with you through various Digital Marketing channels.

At the core, Digital Marketing Services attract, engage, and retain clients through creative and informative content, which is easily accessible to ideal consumers in relatively cost-effective ways. Some examples of Digital Marketing Services include Search Engine Optimisation, Pay-Per-Click Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing and Programmatic Advertising.

In today’s market, a solid online presence is absolutely necessary. Think about how you got to this webpage today; if you are reading this, you most likely searched Google with “Digital Marketing Agency Sydney”. As an expert Digital Advertising Agency, we know where to advertise in order to connect you with people like us.

Unlike traditional marketing, Digital Marketing Services are much more targeted, measurable and interactive forms of marketing. Technological advancements have made Digital Advertising Campaigns more efficient to measure, providing much more accurate reporting and tracking, with comprehensive data analysis.

An experienced Digital Marketing Agency can provide accurate campaign reporting, which shows what types of users are engaging and their behaviour towards a Digital Marketing Campaign. With such high-quality reporting, potential opportunities can be highlighted, allowing for easier optimisation of future campaign results.

For example, it is possible to target a very specific audience when running a digital campaign, such as women aged 20-40. With more precise audience targeting, your campaigns will produce better engagement and results, allowing your ideal customers to see your products faster than ever.

Why Would You Need a Digital Marketing Audit?

A Digital Marketing Audit is an in-depth review of your business’ current Digital Marketing efforts, strategies, Google Ads, online advertising, SEO content, and website. The performance of these Digital Marketing practices gives a Digital Marketing Agency a good idea of where your business is sitting against its competition and the overall industry.

A Digital Marketing Audit is the first step in the Digital Marketing process, because it is essential to identify where the specific gaps and potential improvements lie.

Our Digital Advertising Strategies will encourage conversions and inquiries to your business, so you get better value and success with your Digital Marketing initiatives. Clients of RGC Advertising enjoy knowing that our Digital Marketing Strategies are incredibly effective and in line with realistic expectations to drive growth.

RGC Advertising is a Digital Media Agency in Sydney that places tremendous importance on delivering impressive results for our clients. To ensure our clients receive the results they expect, we implement the following steps:

    • Identify the Digital Marketing goals and objectives of our clients,
    • Evaluate the online competition closet related to our clients,
    • Evaluate the current online presence of the client to see where they sit amongst the competition,
    • Outline a clearly defined Digital Marketing Strategy that is continuously evaluated to ensure the Digital Marketing results align with the objectives,
    • Understanding our clients’ required return on investment, is vital in achieving our goals and objectives, which helps to quantify our performance.

Are Digital Marketing Services Expensive?

There are endless factors that affect Digital Marketing prices and budgets, from your company’s size, the complexity of your project, the targeted objectives, and many factors based on specific timing and trends.

Digital Marketing Services are much cheaper than traditional marketing efforts and yield a more significant return-on-investment. As a much more effective form of advertising, online marketing returns an endless number of benefits for your business.

It is also important to remember all advertising – whether digital advertising or traditional advertising – is an investment! The Digital Marketing Services you pay for is what you get.

So, investing in cheap services with a low budget will not secure as profitable outcomes as investing with a large budget and an experienced Digital Marketing Agency. For instance, RGC Advertising has over 20 years’ experience in delivering award-winning results for our Digital Marketing clients. Our agency’s expertise is a crucial factor in setting the costs of our services.

Agencies across Australia vary in their Digital Marketing prices; what makes RGC unique is that we are one of Australia’s longest-running Digital Ad Agencies. RGC treats our clients as personal business partners; you can be assured business strategies are not cookie-cutter approaches and will not be transferred between managers.

At RGC, we don’t use account managers, so you talk directly to the person running your business job every time you want to talk. We also have no lock-in contracts, so you have the peace of mind and the flexibility to do whatever you desire.

What is a Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency?

A full-service Digital Marketing Agency is a Digital Agency that provides the full spectrum of Digital Marketing Services. RGC Advertising is one of the few genuine full-service Digital Marketing Agencies in Sydney with our own trading desk in beautiful Bella Vista.

A full-service Digital Advertising Agency handles all marketing and advertising aspects for your business, including all process required for the digital sphere. From strategic planning, creative visuals, unique content writing, innovative campaign creation and digital delivery.

Working with a reliable full-service digital marketing agency will effectively manage your Digital Marketing budget with efficient digital tools and processes. Allowing business owners to focus on what’s more important – running the business. You can rest assured knowing all your Digital Marketing efforts are implemented to the best abilities with RGC Advertising.

RGC Advertising is a Digital Marketing & Advertising Agency with many in-house departments that provide Content Creation & Design Services, Website Design and Development services, SEO services, Pay Per Click services, Social Media Marketing services and Programmatic Advertising services, for small businesses through to international brands.

How do You Evaluate Digital Marketing Results?

Digital Marketing is continually changing and sometimes unpredictable. An effective Digital Marketing Agency constantly delivers quality reporting to clients. Reporting is our key to conquering the fluid digital landscape, as unlike other Digital Marketing Agencies, RGC implements new tactics when required to optimise campaign results.

But before we can determine if a campaign is successful or not, an objective or goals needs to be established with the client first and foremost. A strategy’s tactics must be set in line with the overall Digital Marketing strategy.

After determining your business objective, we will implement the most appropriate type/s of Digital Marketing strategies. At RGC, we generally implement three types of Digital Marketing strategies, and we use KPI’s to determine the effectiveness of the Digital Marketing campaign. Digital Marketing Key Performance Indications (KPIs) are quantifiable goals that are imperative to track and measure the success of our Digital Marketing Campaign.

  • Awareness Campaigns aim to get a business’s target audience more familiar with their brand—this an ideal Digital Marketing Campaign for newly established brands and brands launching new products. As a leading Digital Media Agency, we use the following KPIs to monitor the effectiveness of our brand awareness campaigns, including website traffic, search volume and campaign reach.
  • Conversion Campaigns aim to influence customers to purchase from a business continually. As a leading E-Commerce SEO Agency, we use the following KPIs to monitor the effectiveness of our conversion campaigns, including sales results, phone calls and form submissions.
  • Lead Generation Campaigns aim to capture and stimulate the interest of new business clients. As a leading Digital Agency, we use the following KPIs to monitor the effectiveness of our lead generation campaigns, including increases in leads, having a well-balanced cost-per-lead, website traffic, bounce rate and session-to-lead conversation rate.

How Long Should You Commit to Digital Marketing Agency Services?

We get it – you want to see results immediately. Throughout RGC Advertising’s 20+ years’ experience in delivering Digital Marketing campaigns, we have tried and tested every theory possible. The reality is, there are no hacks or secrets which achieve authentic and quick results.

Sure, many Digital Marketing Agencies use tactics that get temporary results, like black-hat search optimisation and spammy backlinks. But these get-rich-quick strategies will not generate REAL customers, REAL conversions or REAL revenue. In reality, you will most likely get shadow-banned and penalised by digital platforms.

No matter how much advertising capital is invested, or the amount of platforms advertised on, Digital Marketing requires time to show a true Return on Investment (ROI). If the Digital Marketing strategy is correct, then results will soon show.

But as we say to our clients, you will need to allow at least one month to see any beneficial result. In the first month, our teams will collect analytical data of your business’ current Digital Marketing efforts, strategies, online advertising content, and website. The performance of these Digital Marketing practices gives a Digital Marketing Agency a good idea of where your business is sitting against its competition and the overall industry.

A Digital Marketing Agency will then refine the content on your website and investigate the best way to optimise the advertising budget, to really test the waters and ensure the Digital Marketing strategy is concrete. By the second month, we will have a very well-optimised campaign that delivers meaningful results and a robust digital delivery uniquely for your business.

While a business needs to stick with a Digital Marketing strategy for at least two months to show real results, the Digital Marketing process is an ongoing effort in order to establish and maintain results.

Why Would You Choose RGC as Your Digital Marketing Agency?

RGC Advertising is an award-winning Digital Marketing Agency in Sydney; we have been delivering impressive results for our clients since 1998. If you are ready to expand your digital presence, secure profitable conversions and watch your business scale its industry, get in contact with us today.

Our expert Digital Marketing Strategists will show you what Digital Advertising and Marketing opportunities are waiting for your brand.

No matter the industry, size or type of business, RGC’s Digital Marketing experts can improve your brand’s digital position. RGC drives exceptionally fast and profitable business growth for our clients, through custom marketing tactics and interconnected digital advertising services.

Since 1998, our Digital Advertising Agency, based in Sydney, has delivered explosive and award-winning results. Our clients benefit from RGC’s skilled and talented team, with over 20 years’ experience in Digital Marketing.

We are a Digital Marketing Agency that delivers on our promises every time—providing quality delivery and creative campaigns through SEO Services, Web Design Services, EDMs, Social Media Marketing, Programmatic Ad Services and Google Advertising Services to some of Australia’s leading consumer brands. Trust us – and we will exceed your expectations.

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