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Breville is an Australian manufacturer of innovative small kitchen appliances. They created the original sandwich toaster, and the Breville name has become synonymous with such devices around the world. Breville enriches people's lives through food and cooking technology and this is strongly supported by Heston Blumenthal, who is their global brand ambassador.

RGC Advertising was commissioned to deliver an online consumer incentive campaign, with the objective of driving sales of Breville products internationally. Consumers who purchased Breville products were given opportunities to dine with celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal.

The key objective of the campaign was to increase sales of Breville products in Australia and New Zealand, by offering consumers opportunities to win a dining experience with Heston Blumenthal, at the Crown Casino in Melbourne Victoria.

The campaign included the design and development of a purpose built micro site to manage consumer registrations of Breville purchases. The micro site also featured a dealer locator function, so consumers could find their nearest electrical retailer. This dealer locator functionality also served as a tracking capability for RGC Advertising to determine the consumers who arrived at the micro site landing page as a result of the online advertising, and then went further to find more information on where to purchase Breville products.

The micro site also encouraged consumers to share the promotion with their friends, which helped to raise additional awareness of the promotion. RGC implemented Google Analytics into the micro site to provide Breville with a host of consumer and online advertising data results.

RGC Advertising utilised search and display advertising to promote the campaign in Australia and New Zealand. The search component enabled consumers to locate the promotion when they searched for small kitchen appliances on the Google and Bing networks. This delivered a high conversion on clicks, to the campaign micro site.


Win a Heston Golden Experience Ad


Programmatic or display advertising also played a big role in our online advertising strategy, and RGC designed a series of static and animated website banners, which would encourage consumers to learn more about the promotion.

RGC carefully selected websites in our media buying strategy, which would engage consumers who would be likely to purchase Breville products. This strategy ensured Breville could not only deliver their message to their target market more effectively, but would ultimately convert into sales for the brand.

Retargeting was also included in our online advertising strategy, as this ensured consumers would be constantly delivered advertisements throughout the campaign period, whilst they searched online.

Social media marketing and advertising was also utilised to connect consumers to the promotion and we did this through a combination of Facebook advertisements and highly engaging posts from within the Breville Facebook page timeline.

This campaign was also supported with point of sale items in the various electrical department stores, thus creating an integrated advertising and marketing campaign, which delivered the following results for Breville during the campaign period 1st March - 30th May 2015.

Facebook Statistics:

4,331 - Unique clicks to micro site, 711,420 - Reach, 3.90 - Frequency of Advertisements displayed

Search/Display Statistics:

2,285,988 Impressions, 3,222 clicks, 2,757 page visits, 245 conversions

Purchases & Sign Ups to Newsletter:

2,155 purchases & 1,129 sign ups to Food Thinkers Electronic Newsletter

This campaign also converted more than 42% of users who arrived at the landing page and then clicked on the dealer locator button to find their nearest store, which further acknowledged the good quality of clicks and page visits.



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